WPPI International Wedding Photography Competition

I entered 8 prints for the first time with WPPIonline.com. They are an international Wedding Photography Organization. Thousands of people entered this competition and I feel honored to be among the winners. Out of 8 entries I received a total of 5 awards. I think that's pretty good numbers :). Thanks to Becky and Don for the Third place win and Vanessa and Brent from www.vanessaberryproductions.com for the 4 Accolade of Excellence awards.

Good Couples = Good Images.
Click here to view Wppionline.com Winners.

International Award Winning Photographer And All Around Nice Guy.
Casey Jay Benson


vanessajb said...
September 14, 2007 at 12:08 PM

Good Couples = Good Images...Thanks! Good photographer = good images.